Image showcasing the diversity of ectoparasites collected from a single bat

My name is Anna, and I'm a veterinarian with specialty training in diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease epidemiology. Currently, I'm an affiliate at the Colorado State University Center for Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases, and I've also also been staying busy with the new 501(c)3 non-profit I co-founded, BAT HEALTH FOUNDATION.

Over the years, I've been fortunate to collaborate with and learn from some brilliant scientists and medical professionals from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of disciplines. These interactions have helped shape the lens through which I look at and think about pathogen sharing.

I ask questions about transmission dynamics of zoonotic & vector-borne pathogens:

How do pathogens impact wildlife health?

How do pathogens impact public health?

How are pathogen transmission dynamics impacted by climate change?

My favorite part of being a scientist is working on a team.

Here are a couple teams I'm fortunate to be a part of:

The new 501(c)3 I co-founded with Dr. Ash Malmlov has launched!

The mission of Bat Health Foundation is to generate and synthesize data related to bat health to be made freely available and serve as a resource for scientists, medical professionals, and animal health specialists, as well as to provide solutions to protect human, bat, and environmental health.

I'm also a member of the VERENA team.

The Viral Emergence Research Initiative (VERENA) is a global consortium. We curate the largest ecosystem of open data in viral ecology, and build tools to help predict which viruses could infect humans, which animals host them, and where they could someday emerge.

Do you have ideas to discuss, or do you want to collaborate?

I love meeting new people and I'm always open to brainstorming sessions.

Get in touch: anna(dot)fagre(at)gmail